Announcing Karim Beguir’s 2023 Linda’s Award!

In an unforgettable celebration of entrepreneurial excellence, Karim Beguir, CEO of InstaDeep, has been honored with the prestigious Linda’s Award at Endeavor’s 2023 Gala in New York City on December 5th. This tribute not only recognizes remarkable achievements but also mirrors the values upheld by Endeavor’s global network: integrity, trust, ambition, a borderless mindset, and a commitment to paying it forward.  

Karim, an Endeavor Entrepreneur since 2018, also recently joined the board of Endeavor Tunisia in mid-2023. Karim is the recipient of the 2023 Linda’s Award alongside Sergio Fogel from dLocal and Gibran Huzaifah from eFishery, for their trajectory and their impact that goes well beyond their ecosystem. His journey towards this recognition is a source of inspiration for all entrepreneurs in Tunisia and in the region.

Karim launched InstaDeep in 2014, and has since played a pivotal role in technological innovation and problem solving from Africa and the UK to the world. One significant chapter of this collaboration unfolded during the COVID-19 crisis. Teaming up with BioNtech, InstaDeep was instrumental in developing the Early Warning System to detect high-risk SARS-CoV-2 variants in January 2022. This groundbreaking initiative showcased their commitment to global health challenges through innovative AI solutions. 

The pinnacle of InstaDeep’s journey came in January 2023 with its acquisition by BioNtech in a record $680M transaction, marking the acceleration of Karim’s multiplier effect in the local and regional markets. 

The video showcasing Karim and the InstaDeep team is a tribute to the spirit of entrepreneurship that transcends borders. His vision, combined with InstaDeep’s technological prowess, has reshaped industries and inspired future generations of Tunisian entrepreneurs.

This award not only celebrates Karim’s professional accomplishments but also acknowledges his dedication to paying it forward. His involvement in mentoring and investing in many local startups exemplifies the award’s core values. 

As Karim continues to champion entrepreneurship, his story serves as a beacon of hope and motivation for Tunisia’s aspiring entrepreneurs, allowing them to dream big and create a lasting impact on the world.