InstaDeep’s $100M Series B round: An inspiration to DREAM BIG that brings hope in the future!

The glass ceiling is being broken layer by layer in our local ecosystem with, in less than a year, record Scale-Up funding rounds of successively $20M (Expensya), $30M (Yassir) and today $100M raised in series B by InstaDeep led by major global funds (AI Capital and CDIB) and also including global partners (BioNTech, Deutsche Bahn, Google …)

InstaDeep’s achievement wasn’t that obvious 3 years ago when the path was still being defined and Karim Beguir and his team were building products leveraging their groundbreaking AI technology with the vision to solve real-world problems. Today InstaDeep is leading innovation in multiple industries in collaboration with some of the major global player.

We can start seeing a glimpse of the Multiplayer Effect starting to take shape on different fronts, with talented youth inspired to choose the innovation path, and becoming actors of disruption to build an economy more in synch with today’s world. We can anticipate an acceleration of funding coming their way, including from successful local founders and their network of investors.

With this huge achievement and the attention that come with it, we can start to hope that the local legislation is going to move faster to be even more in tune with global innovation hubs leveraging the experience and knowledge of our successful local founders.

An Endeavor Entrepreneur since December 2018 and Endeavor Catalyst investee, our objective is not only to support InstaDeep’s growth but also to offer Karim Beguir a platform and network that will amplify his impact locally and globally.

Congratulations to Karim Beguir, Zohra Slim and the InstaDeep team for this huge achievement and thank you paving the way for our local ecosystem to dream bigger!!